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E.O.F.T. Best of Sound No. 4

6,00 €

E.O.F.T. Best of Sound No.4

With the most popular E.O.F.T. tracks from the years 2013-16.


No. Titel Künstler Film
1. I'm gonna do my thing Royal Deluxe Teaser (15/16)
2. No use Dreaming Bull Degrees North (15/16)
3. All Stars Grafton Primary Not Bad (13/14)
4. Where to go Speakrs Onekotan - The Lost Island (15/16)
5. Open Air Lemolo The Road From Karakol (13/14)
6. Dreams Today Efterklang Nobody’s River (14/15)
7. Modern Age Exit Music The Road From Karakol (13/14)
8. Shut Eye Stealing Sheep Shades of Winter (14/15)
9. Apply Glasser Teaser (13/14)
10. If I Live, If I Die Cuff the Duke Burn it Down (15/16)
11. Ends of the Earth Lord Huron Unbranded (15/16)
12. Sund through the clouds Matthew Morgan El Sendero Luminoso (14/15)
13. Tonight Secret Nation Masters of Slack (15/16)

Running Time: 52 Minuten

The CD is packed in a smart plastic free cardboard digisleeve.


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