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Best-of-EOFT No. 7

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Best-of-EOFT No.7

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Alone on the Wall

22 min, (OV with subtitles)

300 Days

23 min, (OV with subtitles)

A bit of a Rough

8 min, (OV with subtitles)

Dream Result

12 min, (OV with subtitles)

Follow Me

12 Min (OV with subtitles )

The Spirit of Adventure

19 Min, (OmU)


Even if you can hardly imagine, it is possible:
• to climb a Big Wall free solo
• to spend 300 days alone on a desert island,
• to go down a 56-foot waterfall in a kayak.

At the E.O.F.T. 10/11 kayaker Tyler Bradt, Xavier "Robinson" Rosset and climbing star Alex Honnold had shown us how this works. "Dream Result", "300 Days" and "Alone on the Wall" will definetly give you goose bumps. Less thrilling but more fun climbing shows the film "A Bit of a Rough". And all mountainbiker amongst you will not stay to long before the television after watching "Follow Me". We wish you a lot fun with the best films of the E.O.F.T. 10/11 - and especially with our E.O.FT. retrospective "The Spirit of Adventure", which of course it is also on the DVD/Blu-ray.


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