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Degrees North

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Degrees North

1 DVD = 3 movies! Including the full version of Degrees North! From our tour 15/16!

Some people never seem to grow up. Xavier de le Rue is one of them. He may be older and wiser than the current generation of younger snowboarding talent, but he’s never lost his youthful exuberance and sense of curiosity about the world. The professional snowboarder and adventurer chooses his lines with care and with good reason – he is still the fastest, boldest and most confident athlete you’ll find on the steepest of mountain faces. Always seeking new challenges, he’s teamed up with Samuel Anthamatten to take motorised paragliding and freeriding to a new level on the Lofoten Islands and in Alaska.

The Degrees North Trilogy dvd contains these three films

- Degrees North (54mins)
- Mission Antarctic (38mins)
- Steeps (33mins)


Title: Degrees North
Direction: Guido Perrini
Actors: Xavier de le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten, Ralph Backstrom
Production: TimeLine Missions
Production Country: Norway, USA
Production Year: 2015
Region: free
Language: english, no subtitles


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